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About Bjelila

Bjelila is a small tourist and fishing village located in the Bay of Tivat (which is part of The Bay of Kotor). It is situated on Lustica peninsula and is part of the larger group of villages - Krtoli (Municipality of Tivat). Bjelila is positioned just across the Prevlaka (Ostrvo Cveca) peninsula, Stradiote (Saint Marko island) and Gospa od Milosti (island - church). Bjelila is known for its beautiful coast, numerous bays, ancient stone houses and taverns. Therefore, this place has always been attracting artists in search for their inspiration from all over the region.

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Bjelila has unique rocky beaches along with crystal blue sea that is famous as one of the clearest on all of adriatic coast. Considering clear water and unique peace that this place presents, Bjelila has become very popular, especially among the families with children.

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While searching for the perfect holiday, tourists that once visited Bjelila almost always return. Very often, some of them (people from region and all around the Europe lately) made their own houses here establishing Bjelila as their permanent holiday spot.

Passionate fisherman have always been especially attracted to Bjelila by its variety of quality Mediterranean fish and hidden bays. Fresh fish can be bought from local fisherman. You can also arrange with them to participate in attractive night fishing event. Uniqueness of this place cannot be completed without the presence of old wooden boats and fishing nets. These nets and boat equipment (anchors, paddles) are hold in taverns. In homes and taverns (that are over 100 years old) almost all residents keep their own homemade wine and rakija (brandy). Gilthead bream (orada), seabass (brancin) or other types of fish have made an unforgettable nights and dinners in memoires of our guests.

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Mediterranean flora is fully present here. Thus, while walking to the beach in Bjelila, one can always pick an olive, rosemary, common fig...

About the name: Bjelila

There is a spring with fresh water in Bjelila. In past, the residents often went to this place to wash their laundry and clothes. This activity (washing) was called "bjeljenje", so the area has been given a name - Bjelila.


Religion has always been important (since 13th century) in the lives of residents of whole area covered by Lustica peninsula. Therefore, many churches have been built over the past centuries.

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